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Chicken Manchurian recipe

Chicken Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese recipe where taste is more adjusted as per our taste. Dry Chicken Manchurian is a famous street food also. People love to have it as a snack or they just pair it with any bread or fried rice. Make Chicken Manchurian at home just like a hotel with this simple recipe & easy steps.

dry fruit laddoo

These healthy energy balls are specially made without sugar to avoid extra calories & to give ladoos a healthy version. Made without sugar & jaggery these laddoos are power packed. Good for adults and kids will also love it.

Oats Idli

If you want to have something in breakfast which is healthy & equally tasty, then give a try to these Oats Idli. When I plan to cook something healthy then its Oats that comes first in my mind and Idlis are always considered as a healthy option because they are cooked with steam without oil. So if you plan to make Idli with Oats, then that is a bonus for your health. Easy to make this dish satisfies your taste buds without any guilt. So lets see how to make this yummy breakfast.


There are many people who loves rice & Tehri is famous Awadhi cuisine among North Indians. This is a wholesome meal made by rice, potatoes, seasonal vegetables & spices. Apart of potatoes you can add cauliflower, peas, carrot, soyabean bari (Nutrella). Vegetables can be change or skip as per choice. For me Tehri is a shortcut meal which can be prepared in half an hour & it is well enough to fulfill your stomach as well as your taste buds. Altogether Tehri is a perfect meal for any weekend lunch. It is also good for those kids who does not like vegetables is their meal. Tehri can be paired by plain curd or onion raita and some dhaniya chatni.

Sabudana vada

Its festive time for we Indians... holy days of Navratra is here. A time to fast, eat yummy fasting foods, dance, celebrate & enjoy. And when its about fasting meals then Sabudana (sago) & potatoes is our first choice. We make many delicious dishes using them. Sabudana(sago) are made of starch from palm trees. Many people loves Sabudana even as a snack too.. it has different variants. Sabudana can be made as a dessert, breakfast, evening snack etc etc.. It is healthy for kids because its made of starch. Good for those kids who want to are struggling for their weight gain. So, today with this Sago I am going to make Subudana vada or Sago tikki. A yummy dish who fulfills stomach during your fast days..

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth