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Jeera cookies

Yes, its true that everybody loves choco chip cookies but once you will taste these salted jeera cookies they are gonna be in your favourite list too. if somebody ask me which one you like most then I would say that choco chip cookies are like chilhood memories..chunky, chocolaty and these jeera cookies are like lazy afternoon, a cup of tea & light music. That is a difference for me :) So, lets make these super easy yet super tasty aromatic salted cookies.. One thing I want to add that you can make these cookies without roasting Cumin seeds(jeera) but if you will roast it slightly on a pan then its gonna enhance the aroma of these cookies. I prefer roasting it so the once which is showed in picture is already roasted and I have added Ajwain (carom) also. This is my personal choice as it makes cookies more tasty. You can skip it if its not available with you.

Sprouts chilla

There are some foods which you should definitely include in your meal when health is on your mind. These foods are called super food like - sprouted lentils & grains. Sprouts are very nutritious, they include all what a plant need for life & growth. Also sprouting any lentils, beans, seeds or grain brings out many enzymes in germination which make them more nutritious & easy to digest. Full of Vitamins, minerals & anti-oxidants sprouts are very easy to add in our meal.

Vegetables Idli

Idlis are one of the most famous & healthy breakfast which is not only loved in South India, but is very popular in North India too.. Cooked in steam these small rice cakes are low in calorie & high in energy. Idlis can be made with so many twist.. means there are so many variations that you can have it all 7 days of a week with a different taste. Earlier I have posted recipe of Oats Idli, today I am here with the recipe of Veggie Idli or Vegetable Idli. Traditional Idli with the addition of veggies.

Egg Masala

Eggs are one of the most loved breakfast & a comfort food. A great source of first class protein eggs are hugely versatile. Apart of protein Eggs are loaded with fat-soluble vitamins & minerals and helps to strengthen your immunity, gives instant energy to your body, speed up your metabolism and prevent weight gain. There are countless benefits of this one food. An Eggitarian can have it daily but if you are a non-vegetarian then keep it for 4-5 eggs a week.

Brown Bread

Breads are the easiest, quickest & most eaten breakfast worldwide. No morning is complete without Breads whether its white bread, brown or multi grain. we all know that white breads are made of refined flour(maida) and brown breads are made of whole wheat flour(aata) so as we are growing health conscious day by day, people are switching to brown bread from white bread. these brown breads are healthy as well as tasty too. so today we will make this healthy, full of nutritious bread at home.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth