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Sprouts Maggie

We people always try to find a healthy twist in what all we love to eat...then why leave Maggie behind.. Its true that we all love Maggie whether a kid, a grown up, bachelor or married & there are numerous ways to make Maggie. Everybody has its own style of making it. Some like it plain, some with onions, vegetables, paneer etc.. Sprouts Maggie recipe is something which I discovered all of a sudden with some left over sprouts. It is very easy to make as it always be..only a dose of Health has been added to this quick, delicious, yummy food. Lets make this Maggie with a twist..

Sabudane ki kheer

Sabudana ki kheer is the most common type of kheer which is consumed during fast of the easiest & delicious recipe which can be prepared in 15 mins of time. Made of Sago pearls (sabudana) this Kheer is very popular in Maharashtra & Karnataka. There are various delicacies made by Sago pearl, but of all I have made & learnt this Sago kheer is the easiest of all. You only need to soak Sago (sabudana) 2-4 hrs prior cooking. Soaked sabudana need only 15 minutes to cook. When I made this for the first time my kid loved it. Then I realize that it can be a nice breakfast for kids. Sago (sabudana) is full of carbohydrate & low in calories so it can be a healthy breakfast or an after meal dessert to.. Lets start making this quick delicious smooth Kheer

Aate ka halwa

Aate ka halwa is one of the oldest Indian sweet and is very popular in North India. You can make this sweet at any festival or celebration or as a dessert after meal. It is a simple, easy & yet so delicious sweet recipe which can be made in few minutes with only four Ingredients and these ingredients are available in every house mostly. Aate ka halwa is famous as Kadha prasad too.. Kadha prasad which is made in Gurudwaras & served like a prasad. Ingredients are same only the ratio of ghee differ in aate ka halwa & kadha prasad. There are many ways of making Aate ka some roast wheat flour with ghee & some add ghee later on. Some people use normal water & some use hot water. I have tried this halwa in two three ways & found the below method quick & simple.

Vermicelli upma

Vermicelli Upma is a popular Indian breakfast made with Vermicelli & vegetables. It is also called Salted vermicelli, Namkeen Jave & vegetable vermicelli. It is a very healthy & low calorie breakfast. One can have it as a snack at anytime of the day. This is a good option for kids lunch too. You can add as many vegetables like- potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrot etc. These vegetables make this Upma colorful & make us carve to taste it. There are many types of Vermicelli available in the market but try to go for wheat vermicelli & that too roasted. As they are more healthy and anyone can have it without being calorie conscious.

Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana Khichadi is another fasting special dish which I have been eating since so many years. My mom used to make it when we keep Navratri fast, Now i make for my family & everybody loves it. It is like a full meal which fulfill our stomach as well as our taste buds. But here i want to add that all these dishes which I have mentioned as a fasting special can be made & eaten anytime of the year & by anyone. There is nothing specific about it. Sabudana khichadi is made of potatoes, sago & tomatoes. It does not look like regular khichadi, which we made with rice & lentils. This is a type of khichadi which you would love to enjoy with a cup of tea. It is an easy making dish which can be loved by everyone. So, lets make this quick wholesome fasting meal & enjoy it with curd (as a meal) or with tea (as a snack).

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