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Fish Tikka Recipes

A fantastic way to eat fish is with tandoori fish tikka. In India's northern region, it is extremely well-liked. Typically, the Tandoor oven is used to prepare all tandoori dishes. Yet, you can make them nicely at home in a grill pan or an oven.

Chilli chicken with bone Recipes

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese recipe which is very famous among us. This recipe can be made in with bone chicken & boneless chicken too.

Natural protein powder Recipe

It is very easy to make Protein Powder at home. Also, when we make something at home we know the ingredients very well . So its always easy to adjust the ingredients as per our requirement & taste.

Navratri vrat ki paneer ki sabji

Who says you can't eat delicious food that is also healthy when you're fasting? This is a delicious recipe for vrat ki paneer sabji without onion or garlic to make your fasting or vrat a success.

Samavat Rice pulav

A quick and easy recipe for pulao using your choice of vegetables and samak or samvat rice during vrat or fasting. Although the outcome or flavour is extremely similar to that of bansi rava upma, it must contain significantly more flavours and nutrients. You can use this recipe to pack a lunch or breakfast every day.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth