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Chena Pie is a popular sweet dish that is made with just two ingredients - Chena (milk separates) & sugar Check the video of Chena Piece recipe in Hindi Chena Piece or Chena Pie is made in 5 simple steps:- 1. make chena 2. make rabri 3. make chena balls 4. make sugar syrup & add chena balls into it. 5. transfer chena balls from sugar syrup to rabri.

Jamun Raita

Its Monsoon season & Jamuns are one of the best parts of this season. Jamuns are very healthy & just because their season comes for a short time so everyone should include them in their daily food to get the most of benefits from it. Today we will make a side dish which is Raita but with Jamun. Lets make it.

Aam ki idli

There are times when our kids demand varieties in their tiffin & we get stuck with the idea of what gives which is healthy & tasty too... So, if you are still getting mangoes at your local shops. Then make Aam Idli..which is healthy & tastes too good. Kids are definitely going to love it.

Virgin Mojito with Chia seeds

Chia seeds are easily available in the market also or in any online store. So, today I am here with a recipe where I am adding these super seeds in my favorite mocktail i.e. Virgin Mojito Lets check the recipe for Virgin Mojito with Chia seeds.

Jam Bun recipe

Today I am here with a recipe that is very popular among kids - JAM BUNS Jam Buns are the buns which have jam-filled. It is very easy to make and can be a good tiffin recipe too.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth