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Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana Khichadi is another fasting special dish which I have been eating since so many years. My mom used to make it when we keep Navratri fast, Now i make for my family & everybody loves it. It is like a full meal which fulfill our stomach as well as our taste buds. But here i want to add that all these dishes which I have mentioned as a fasting special can be made & eaten anytime of the year & by anyone. There is nothing specific about it. Sabudana khichadi is made of potatoes, sago & tomatoes. It does not look like regular khichadi, which we made with rice & lentils. This is a type of khichadi which you would love to enjoy with a cup of tea. It is an easy making dish which can be loved by everyone. So, lets make this quick wholesome fasting meal & enjoy it with curd (as a meal) or with tea (as a snack).

Vermicelli upma

Vermicelli Upma is a popular Indian breakfast made with Vermicelli & vegetables. It is also called Salted vermicelli, Namkeen Jave & vegetable vermicelli. It is a very healthy & low calorie breakfast. One can have it as a snack at anytime of the day. This is a good option for kids lunch too. You can add as many vegetables like- potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, peas, carrot etc. These vegetables make this Upma colorful & make us carve to taste it. There are many types of Vermicelli available in the market but try to go for wheat vermicelli & that too roasted. As they are more healthy and anyone can have it without being calorie conscious.

Mushroom matar

Mushrooms or white button Mushrooms are used extensively in cooking in many cuisines worldwide – Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese. They are neither Vegetable nor meat... but still they are called ‘meat’ for vegetarian world. Rich in antioxidants Mushrooms are a great source for Vitamin B, sodium, zinc & potassium. Mushrooms are quite popular in Indian cuisines too.. they get easily paired up with peas, spinach, chilis and so on.. Mushroom matar is one of the popular North Indian cuisine which is widely loved and cooked. It is cooked in red spicy gravy made with onions, tomatoes & peas. Some people avoid chili red spicy gravy, so they are used to add cashew paste or fresh cream to make it mild & creamy in taste.

Daal fry or Daal tadka

Daal fry is a popular recipe to give any simple daal a spicy twist. This taste very much like restaurant style Daal fry. It is usually made with Arhar daal or tur dal or split pigeon pea lentil. But it can be made with Masur dal & moong daal also. Lentils or pulses or daal are very rich in protein and it should be included in our meals on regular basis. But sometimes we feel board of that bowl of lentils but other side do not want to compromise with health that time you should give a try to this recipe. This spicy, tasty Daal fry will make you ask for a repeat. Daal fry is very popular in North India like - UP, Delhi, Punjab & Rajasthan and is mostly known as dhaba style daal. With a thick consistency it tastes yummy with Chapati & Rice. Lets see how to make this Daal fry in the most easy way.

Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a Kashmir based recipe - baby potatoes cooked in a nice creamy cashew & yogurt gravy that gives you delicious sweet & tangy taste. There are many versions of making Dum Aloo, but the one I make is loved by my family. Even my kid loved it as it was not too spicy. Its like a break from spicy food to something which is evenly tasty & mouth melting. Only you need to have baby potatoes..all in one size. Yesterday I made it for second time doing some changes & they work out well. Everybody loved it & felt the taste that was as good as any restaurant made Dum Aloo :) This is more than a compliment to any home cook who put all their effort to make something which is loved by everyone in their family. So, lets see what all we need to make this delicious Kashmiri cuisine..

Sabudana vada

Its festive time for we Indians... holy days of Navratra is here. A time to fast, eat yummy fasting foods, dance, celebrate & enjoy. And when its about fasting meals then Sabudana (sago) & potatoes is our first choice. We make many delicious dishes using them. Sabudana(sago) are made of starch from palm trees. Many people loves Sabudana even as a snack too.. it has different variants. Sabudana can be made as a dessert, breakfast, evening snack etc etc.. It is healthy for kids because its made of starch. Good for those kids who want to are struggling for their weight gain. So, today with this Sago I am going to make Subudana vada or Sago tikki. A yummy dish who fulfills stomach during your fast days..


There are many people who loves rice & Tehri is famous Awadhi cuisine among North Indians. This is a wholesome meal made by rice, potatoes, seasonal vegetables & spices. Apart of potatoes you can add cauliflower, peas, carrot, soyabean bari (Nutrella). Vegetables can be change or skip as per choice. For me Tehri is a shortcut meal which can be prepared in half an hour & it is well enough to fulfill your stomach as well as your taste buds. Altogether Tehri is a perfect meal for any weekend lunch. It is also good for those kids who does not like vegetables is their meal. Tehri can be paired by plain curd or onion raita and some dhaniya chatni.

Oats Idli

If you want to have something in breakfast which is healthy & equally tasty, then give a try to these Oats Idli. When I plan to cook something healthy then its Oats that comes first in my mind and Idlis are always considered as a healthy option because they are cooked with steam without oil. So if you plan to make Idli with Oats, then that is a bonus for your health. Easy to make this dish satisfies your taste buds without any guilt. So lets see how to make this yummy breakfast.

Kuttu k aate ka dosa

It is Navratri time & it is fasting time for many of us. Here is a recipe that is made by Kuttu ka aata. Kuttu called Buckwheat is a grain-like seed that is safe to be consumed on fasting days. This dosa is a very simple & tasty recipe that I tried in my fast, so I want to share it with all of you.

Jamun Raita

Its Monsoon season & Jamuns are one of the best parts of this season. Jamuns are very healthy & just because their season comes for a short time so everyone should include them in their daily food to get the most of benefits from it. Today we will make a side dish which is Raita but with Jamun. Lets make it.

Tandoori Chai | Hot Pot Tea

Tandoori Chai is a simple ever loved Tea with a smoky & Earthy flavor. It is a very special type of Tea which is getting famous these days. Tandoori Chai can be made at home without even Tandoor, but yes the flavors which come from tandoor are unmatchable.

Zarda Pulao

Zarda Pulao or Meetha Pulao or Meethe chawal is a recipe in which Pulao is colored, sweet & fully loaded with dry fruits & ghee. It tastes so good & delicious that this Pulao is usually made in shadi & ceremonies.

Peanut chutney

The ingredients for Peanut Chutney, also known as Moongfali Ki Chutney, include peanuts, curry leaves, and green chilies. This is quite good and tasty.

Sama rice pulao

With step-by-step pictures, make Vrat ke chawal ka pulao. When people fast during Navratri or Ekadashi, they prepare this sama rice pulao. Samvat rice (barnyard millet), nuts, herbs, and spices are used to make it.

Chawal Ka Fara

Rice Fara is a regional recipe of India , which belongs to UP, Bihar & Chhattisgarh. This recipe is made of very less oil or even no oil.

Special Wali Khichadi

This Makar Sankranti make this special khichadi & I bet everybody will love it. This khichadi is loaded with vegetables, Its so healthy & yummy..lets make it.

kathal masala dry recipe

Unripe jackfruit is used to make the straightforward meal kathal masala. Mustard oil is used in the preparation of this tasty and delectable dry sabji. I utilised all the ingredients that were readily available in our kitchen.

Indian Malpua Recipe

An essential component of this festival is the preparation of this soft and crispy Indian-style pancake, which is a very well-liked local treat created in North India during Holi. The fact that this malpua should be soft in the middle and crisp around the edges is one of its distinctive peculiarities. It will also taste exquisite if it is homemade.

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