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Chicken Manchurian recipe

Chicken Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese recipe where taste is more adjusted as per our taste. Dry Chicken Manchurian is a famous street food also. People love to have it as a snack or they just pair it with any bread or fried rice. Make Chicken Manchurian at home just like a hotel with this simple recipe & easy steps.

Chicken Momos

Chicken Momos are the favorite Indo-Chinese dish that comes after Choumein/ noodles. These Momos are a portion of famous street food, be it steamed or fried. Today I am sharing the recipe of Chicken Momos which are my favorites. Here I have chopped the boneless chicken (which was a tough job) but you can grind it in grinder & make things easy. If grinding in a grinder make sure to keep the meat in chunks. I chopped it because grinding makes paste of chicken meat..which is not advisable. Filling which are made with chicken paste makes it hard after cooking. You will find a hard ball of fillings inside Momos. So, to avoid it, try to chop the boneless meat by knife.

Fish Curry

Fish curry is a simple dish where fried fish pcs are added into the gravy as per your choice. Usually, fish curries are simple to make & they are also light on our stomach too. This Fish curry recipe is made in Mustard gravy. Gravy which is made with yellow or black mustards is called Mustard gravy and this mustard gravy is very common in North India. So, Fish curry made in mustard gravy is smiled to make & it tastes so delicious. Lets make this authentic fish curry.

Handi Chicken recipe

Handi Chicken is a UP & Bihar special Chicken curry which is cooked in earthen or clay pot or we say..mitti k handi me. Cooking Chicken curry in clay pot adds an earthy flavor to it, which make it more licious. Check the quick recipe here with the details & enjoy every bit of cooking this Chicken Curry (as I did)

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a famous recipe that belongs to Buhari hotel - Chennai. But now it is one of the favorite starter recipes that is loved by many across the globe. It is very simple to make at home.. so lets get started.

chilli chicken with bone

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese recipe which is very famous among us. This recipe can be made in with bone chicken & boneless chicken too.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is a recipe which needs no introduction.

Desi Ghee chicken

Curry cooked with roasted, hot spice powders that is both spicy and flavorful. The ghee gives the chicken curry a great flavour and really good.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe

A chicken nugget is a food item made of a tiny piece of deboned chicken meat that has been breaded or coated and then deep-fried or baked. Chicken nuggets were first created in the 1950s and are now a common fast food restaurant dish as well as a popular frozen food for home usage.

Chilli chicken with bone Recipes

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese recipe which is very famous among us. This recipe can be made in with bone chicken & boneless chicken too.

Fish Tikka Recipe

A fantastic way to eat fish is with tandoori fish tikka. In India northern region, it is extremely well-liked. Typically, the Tandoor oven is used to prepare all tandoori dishes. Yet, you can make them nicely at home in a grill pan or an oven.

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