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Virgin Mojito with Chia seeds

It is true that Chia seeds are a superfood, they have so many health benefits like - managing diabetes, weight control, cholesterol control, giving you good skin, good digestion & many more...It is advisable to add a little portion of Chia seeds to our daily adding in our daily meals.

Jam Bun recipe | bun without oven

Today I am here with a recipe that is very popular among kids - JAM BUNS Jam Buns are the buns which have jam-filled. It is very easy to make and can be a good tiffin recipe too.

Chocolate Burfi recipe | White Chocolate barfi | Dark chocolate barfi

Chocolate Barfi is a recipe that is an Indianized version of Chocolate fudge which is made with two main ingredients - chocolate & condensed milk. This is a kind of sweet that is super simple to make with fewer ingredients and it is very different from traditional sweets. So, let make this version of Chocolate fudge, which we call Chocolate Barfi.

Handi Chicken recipe | Handi Chicken in clay pot

Handi Chicken is a UP & Bihar special Chicken curry which is cooked in earthen or clay pot or we say..mitti k handi me. Cooking Chicken curry in clay pot adds an earthy flavor to it, which make it more licious. Check the quick recipe here with the details & enjoy every bit of cooking this Chicken Curry (as I did)

whole wheat pizza | atta pizza recipe

Everybody loves Pizza, and if it is Cheese Burst and also made of Whole Wheat flour, then it doubles the taste with the added health benefits. So, lets make this Cheese Burst pizza in Whole wheat flour (aata) & enjoy it guilt free. While taking a bite of Cheesy Pizza, we sometimes get caught in a guilt of eating lots of Maida. But Pizza is love & we had found a way – to make it in whole wheat flour i.e. aata and enjoy it without any guilt. Make it Cheese Burst & it is going to double the taste & double the fun of having a pizza slice.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth