Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth

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No sugar No jaggery dry fruit laddoo for instant energy

These healthy energy balls are specially made without sugar to avoid extra calories & to give ladoos a healthy version. Made without sugar & jaggery these laddoos are power packed. Good for adults and kids will also love it.

Methi Matar Malai | White gravy recipe

Methi Matar Malai is a famous North Indian Cuisine. It is made by the most loved winter vegetable i.e. Peas or Matar & Methi leaves. Easy to make this cuisine needs a little preparation of separating Methi leaves from stem & blanching the Peas. One can make this white curry without store bought cream also as shown in the video. I have used only cashew & home made malai ( cream of milk) to make this white curry. This curry recipe is perfect for lunch or dinner. Pair it with Roti, Lachha paratha or any bread.

Red Velvet Cupcakes | Cream cheese frosting

Valentine is almost there & it is time to celebrate love, passion, roses & hearts. So, it is the best time to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Red, smooth, velvety & creamy makes it the perfect pick for Valentine celebration. Check the quick recipe with a detailed description here & make it for your Valentine today.

Coconut Cookies

These coconut cookies are always a kid favorite one. Super simple to make these cookies taste super delicious. The buttery taste makes it melt in the mouth, with the cardamom flavor makes it aromatic. Prefer to make these cookies with unsalted butter but if not available you can make them with salted butter too. Also, be careful about the baking time and always keep an eye once the cookies are about done. Any extra minute will make the cookies more brown & hard. So, keep checking the cookies 5-7 minutes prior to the time set. Check the quick recipe for Coconut cookies here and make it as soon as you can.

Kesari Bath | Rava Kesari

Kesari Bath or Rava Kesari origins from South India. It is a traditional breakfast recipe in Karnataka. Made with Semolina/ Rava / Sooji, sugar, and ghee, Kesari Bath has a very beautiful color either yellow or orange. A good amount of ghee & sugar makes it delicious & a rich texture.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth