Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth

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Eggless baked mango Cheese Cake

I always prefer baked version of Cheese Cake and Mango Cheese Cake is on top of the list. It is silky, creamy, full of flavors and without any cracks. The best part of this Cheese Cake is that the sweetness of mango puree balances the tanginess of cream cheese. Using fresh mango puree inhances the flavor of Cheese Cake. I have used Digestive biscuit (not sponsored), but you can use any biscuit as per your choice to layer down. Make this yummy cake for any occasion and this is going to be the showstopper. Just remember to always use ingredients at room temperature to avoid any cracks in Cheese Cake.

TRI-COLOR Jeera Cookies

Celebrate this 74th Independence Day with yummy sweet- salty Tri-color Jeera cookies. Make it for your kids, they are going to love it, or just make it to celebrate our Independence.

Eggless Egg Curry

Thinking of making Egg curry for a guest who is vegetarian.. make these Egg-shaped paneer balls, add in the curry and surprise your guests.

Crispy Pasta Chaat

This pasta recipe is very different from the traditional ones.. well coated with Maida and corn flour and then deep fried to make crispy pasta chaat. Make it for any evening and pair it with your favorite tea or coffee.

AAM Papad

Making Aam Papad is not a hassle drying in sun for 2-3 days or protecting it from flies and dust. Now make Aam papad or Amawat in just 60 mins in your oven or microwave.. very quick and simple to make this Aam papad tastes as same as the market one..thin, soft and chewy..try this before Mango season ends.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth