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Sprouts Maggie

We people always try to find a healthy twist in what all we love to eat...then why leave Maggie behind.. Its true that we all love Maggie whether a kid, a grown up, bachelor or married & there are numerous ways to make Maggie. Everybody has its own style of making it. Some like it plain, some with onions, vegetables, paneer etc.. Sprouts Maggie recipe is something which I discovered all of a sudden with some left over sprouts. It is very easy to make as it always be..only a dose of Health has been added to this quick, delicious, yummy food. Lets make this Maggie with a twist..

whole wheat pizza

Everybody loves Pizza, and if it is Cheese Burst and also made of Whole Wheat flour, then it doubles the taste with the added health benefits. So, lets make this Cheese Burst pizza in Whole wheat flour (aata) & enjoy it guilt free. While taking a bite of Cheesy Pizza, we sometimes get caught in a guilt of eating lots of Maida. But Pizza is love & we had found a way – to make it in whole wheat flour i.e. aata and enjoy it without any guilt. Make it Cheese Burst & it is going to double the taste & double the fun of having a pizza slice.

Chicken Manchurian recipe

Chicken Manchurian is an Indo-Chinese recipe where taste is more adjusted as per our taste. Dry Chicken Manchurian is a famous street food also. People love to have it as a snack or they just pair it with any bread or fried rice. Make Chicken Manchurian at home just like a hotel with this simple recipe & easy steps.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth