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Kesari Bath | Rava Kesari

Kesari Bath or Rava Kesari origins from South India. It is a traditional breakfast recipe in Karnataka. Made with Semolina/ Rava / Sooji, sugar, and ghee, Kesari Bath has a very beautiful color either yellow or orange. A good amount of ghee & sugar makes it delicious & a rich texture.

Tomato Soup

In winter, nothing gives more comfort than a bowl of hot soup. Tomato soup is everyone is favorite and here I am with a quick recipe for restaurant-style Tomato soup creamy, smooth, and lip-smacking. Tomato soup can be made in 2-3 more ways but the cooking method changes the taste too. Also one should remember to always select red & ripe tomatoes. Green & unripe tomatoes can make soup a little tangy. So, check the quick recipe here and make it for tonight is dinner or it is a perfect bowl for an evening craving too.

Achhvaani-A winter recipe | Harira

Achhvaani is a type of Dry Fruits halwa made with many types of dry fruits, turmeric, dry ginger powder, and some spices. It is basically given to new moms because of its quality of giving warmth to the body. Dry Fruits give strength to the body and keep it warm. It strengthens the immune system and fights colds and flu. But Achhvaani is not only for new Moms... it can be consumed by anybody of any age group, especially in winter. Because dry ginger keeps the body warm and helps fight cold and flu. This recipe only contains turmeric, dry ginger, sugar & dry this can be cherished by people of any age group.

Palak Papdi Chaat

Palak Papadi Chaat is Winter special recipe. A street food which is made from spinach leaves is loved by everyone. Palak papdi chaat is a perfect combination of crisp, sweet, tangy & chili flavors. Anyone can adjust the toppings on chaat & add on ingredients as per their taste. Very simple to make this chaat is the perfect recipe for winter evening cravings. Check the quick recipe here & compliment this bowl of different flavors with your favorite cup of tea.

Chocolate Strawberry Panna cotta

Panna cotta is a famous Italian dessert recipe. Loved widely, Panna cotta is smooth, creamy custard, in which strawberry adds a little tanginess. This is a no baked Panna cotta where I have used (vegetarian). One need to just learn the steps and prepare well in time because making Panna cotta with Gelatin needs some patience and time.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth