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Fish Tikka Recipe

A fantastic way to eat fish is with tandoori fish tikka. In India northern region, it is extremely well-liked. Typically, the Tandoor oven is used to prepare all tandoori dishes. Yet, you can make them nicely at home in a grill pan or an oven.

Chilli chicken with bone Recipes

Chilli Chicken is an Indo-Chinese recipe which is very famous among us. This recipe can be made in with bone chicken & boneless chicken too.

Natural protein powder Recipe

It is very easy to make Protein Powder at home. Also, when we make something at home we know the ingredients very well . So its always easy to adjust the ingredients as per our requirement & taste.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe

A chicken nugget is a food item made of a tiny piece of deboned chicken meat that has been breaded or coated and then deep-fried or baked. Chicken nuggets were first created in the 1950s and are now a common fast food restaurant dish as well as a popular frozen food for home usage.

Millets idli Recipes

Finger millet, often known as ragi, is a fantastic ingredient for weight loss. This whole grain is gluten-free and teeming with fibre, which takes some time to digest but makes you feel fuller after eating. The making of a nutritious Millet Idli for weight loss is demonstrated in this video. This idli is also beneficial for thyroid, PCOS, diabetes, and hypertension.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth