Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth


Virgin Mojito with Chia seeds

Chia seeds are easily available in the market also or in any online store. So, today I am here with a recipe where I am adding these super seeds in my favorite mocktail i.e. Virgin Mojito Lets check the recipe for Virgin Mojito with Chia seeds.

Homemade Protein Powder

Its very easy to make Protein Powder at home. Also, when we make something at home we know the ingredients very well . So its always easy to adjust the ingredients as per our requirement & taste.

Immunity Drops

We all need to boost our Immunity every now & than to keep ourself healthy & hearty. Lets check this recipe to make these Immunity drops at home & boost your Immunity naturally.

Amla Chyawanpras

A well-liked digestive is gooseberry relish, also known as amla chyawanprash. It is also a vitamin powerhouse. It has a very healthy spice and honey mixture. Vitamin C is abundant in gooseberries. The homemade chywanprash is the best. It can be prepared in small batches and kept chilled.

Melt in Mouth Melt in Mouth